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If psychology could talk, letters from psychology to you.

Dear reader, Welcome to my first letter to you. I am psychology. I live in 7.7 billion humans around the world.  And lets not even get into other species. I’ll probably talk about those in a few letters from now. But, getting back, to my human reach, I am known by various nicknames such as ‘the study of mind’,‘mental processes’, ‘logos’, ‘yoga’ etc. I am not new. It’s just that humans have started giving this official name to me around 1870s.  I had to visit Liepzig, Germany, at that point.  What can I say, Wundt was very much in love with me!  But, he was too focussed on getting to know me, ‘experimentally’. Sometimes I wonder, do people love me for my experiments or do they see something more in me.. And with that thought being carried since the 1870s,  I am still debating whether or not to call Wilhem Wundt my first stepson. Getting back, over the years, many people debated how they should study me.  And even now, some try to understand me quantitatively, and others rely more on qua
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Welcome to my personal website. I am happy to share updates about my research career as well as a personal practice of therapy . Over the years, I have worked with several researchers, clients as well as practitioners from various backgrounds. I am working as a Master Trainer Consultant with UNESCO MGIEP.  Now, I have decided to share my experiences. And this website is for just that. On this website, I’d provide updates on content that is purely related to psychology by providing a creative spin to it. Contact me